One of the few photos I have (from my title fight)...

One of the few photos I have (from my title fight)...

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I'm a photographer based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  My primary passion is routed in photographing the fast paced action found in sports.  Primarily, Combat and field sports of every variety, from the youth leagues to the professionals.

When I'm not catching live action, I can be found chasing shadows for dramatic portraits in the studio or finding myself deeply immersed in my imagination with my toy photography.

I used to be an active Kickboxer with a record of 5-2.  After I won the NWFC 135lbs title, I somehow ended up fighting on a Pro Boxing card. I won that fight with a 1st Round KO via a Liver Punch (Thank you, Bas Rutten!!).  My journey into photography came from a frustrating lack of photos from my fights.  I aim to give the local fighters something that I never had, the pictures to go along with their stories.                                                                                                                

The toy photography...  Well, it's just a whole lot of fun and lets me explore limits of what my imagination can come up with.

You can contact me at 360-915-2421, via email at, or if you like forms, you can fill out the below or via the social media links in the top right corner of this page.

Matt Ferris


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