The Wallstreet Journal!! / by Matt Ferris

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Every journey starts with a single step.

Having only picked up my first camera (second hand Canon Rebel XSi) a little over a year ago, I was humbled by one of my portraits being featured in a secondary online piece The Wall Street Journal ran on the rise in popularity of the geeks hitting the gym. Its been a lot of fun and a true honor being involved with my local "Geek and Gamer Fitness" crew. I get to take all kinds of photos (Which I love to do!) to help promote there gym, and for a healthy lifestyle to a group of people that could have otherwise had some insecurities about stepping into foreign territory. There has long been a history of "jocks" vs. "geeks/nerds" for well before I came into this world.  It's a true pleasure to see those boundaries crumbling everywhere we look in the fitness community. 


Having been a lifelong geek that has also been into athletics and around the local gym scene my early teens, there is nothing that amazes me more then seeing the transformation of not only the body, but of the personality that is brought forth through the confidence gained through working out. There are more then a few of the local Geeks and Gamers that have shed in excess of 100+ pounds. And I couldn't be happier or more proud to welcome them into their new selves.  Now we have people living a healthy life style and still being able enjoy the things that make us all the Geeks that we are!  My hat is off to every single one that has braved a whole new world and has gone where they have never gone before.



P.S.  Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars!!!!!